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seunope Education January 15, 2021

There are no excuses for naivety anymore with the advancement in technology and more with this age of information revolution; nothing you seek that you cannot find and the benefits are so numerous as the effect of these change removed the completely subconscious barrier between and among countries, languages, opportunities, relationship, helping to remove all forms of barriers such as cultural differences and boundaries. The idea is to get good internet, a good device to browse, a phone or laptop that gives you access to all information you want, all at your fingertips even to the extent of networking on social media.

The old ways of doing things are almost becoming obsolete, and senseless to us as everything we are used to are changing; that parent sometimes leaves children to training themselves most especially when they are on social medial take selfie for Instagram or facebook.com.  it is now proven that meeting is simply meeting what happens thereafter is what should matter most after all those that connect even in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s  equally experienced the routine ways relationship played out.

The growth stage of children is important to their puberty as it forms their character and views to life but unfortunately, the alarming insensitivity of parent nowadays has contributed to a change in values of generations of young adult, men, and women we now have in the society going into a relationship for love and lust purposes. In other to clarify the differences between Lust and Love then we must attempt what we mean when we referred to a relationship or some who is in Love or the one Lusting. 

Lust is willfully allowing pleasurable gratification of wrongfully directed sexual desire that takes place deep inside- Jim Vander Spek.

When it is Lust, sometimes is one-sided and on the other, it is mutually consented to for the sexual satisfaction of two persons that interested in meeting emotional desires at that moment.

The definition of love is the best caption in I Corinthians 13:1-8. And the basis for love is three ingredients; attraction, affection, and compassion which corroborate the saying when compassion is missing, love should be questioned…

  • Love is a Gift. Love is God’s nature.
  • Love is an awesome blessing of God.
  • Love is an act of obedience and Holy living. Love is selfless. It forgives wrongs.
  • Love and compassion always walk together.  
  • The simple word is Care if he or she cares genuinely they will care about your future in line with God’s word.
  • When somebody wants something from you and say I love you. Lost is a desire out of control 
  • Lust is I have to get it now meaning it is impatient. Lust is an act of disobedience.
  • Love can wait. Love exercise Patience. Love is telling the truth and living by the truth.
  • Lust is destructive. Lust is all about me and not about the other person.
  • Love is about given. Even the gospel of Jesus costs Jesus his Life.
  • The world talks about free Love because they have been deceived by the devil. Well, the devil knows with Lost and deception; Devil with taking the jump to action as a thief in John 10:10a… The thief has come to steal, kill, and destroy.
  • The motive of the devil is to mess up your Life.
  • Love is Purity. Lust is a destroyer.
  • Lust destroys relationships. Love is peaceful. Lost creates anxiety and Centre on Lies.

Watch what you are agreeing to but blessed be our God in John 10:10B – But Jesus has come to give you Life, more abundantly.

Choose Love when making decisions about marriage and in your life; whom to marry? 

When going to rough times, what step to take?

Weigh all your options if they are scripturally acceptable or if they are things God himself would tell you to do if your answer is yes? Then do it.

If your answers is No? Desist or do not take them.

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