COUPLE’S COMMUNICATION: An important aspect of a Loving Relationship (II)

seunope Education January 15, 2021

Recap from  Couple’s Communication Part one. Couple’s Communication unlike usual communication in relationship, it is most effective for a bonding relationship. Couple’s Communication is an approach two people in love relationship adopt or a process couple exchange information purposely to strengthen their intimacy, promote oneness and prevent any kinds of conflict in present or in the future. It is a method or an approach that aid effective relationship between and among couples particularly to prevent assumptions and pretentious behaviour, or signs that can leads to break up

In any relationship where a Couple’s Communication is lacking, the parties pay the ultimate sacrifice of loosing their partner.

The reason is that no relationship is perfect but with this approach, it can become better and perfect. A couple’s Communication helps a lot as it draws couples together, and make them look inward and approach things differently. Amongst solutions couple’s communication provides for your relationship to work out are;

A couple in a love relationship must not miss their obligation and responsibility to protect and provide necessary nutrients to make their love bond become strong. It suggests that partners must engage in a Couple’s Communication from time to time to reignite their love passion and intimacy.

It is a common phenomenon for a couple to experience love test or challenges sometimes in a relationship, a disagreement or fights over issues pressing on their staying together; how they respond to the situation is what matter. Separation is not a sign that any of the party is weak but the inability to resolve it, compromise, create a means, and adjust for a working love relationship is what matters most.

 A couple’s communication requires that the couple compromise for their love to work out.

In a love relationship, there is bound to be confrontation and be ready for it. This is the reason why you must take Couple’s Communication very important from time to time to create a kind of love check and balances. Let’s examine the things to check out ‘ What you dislike and What you like will test you, therefore do not get terrified. There are things that attracted your partner to you and things that attracted you to your partner but that does not mean you or your partner have full knowledge of your personality before marriage which is the beautiful thing about a love relationship, it exposes our strength, weakness, negligence, volatility but love covers this negativity for us with or without our knowledge sometimes. 

The couple has a duty to support each other in love and if any of the parties is lacking in this obligation, it is important to have awake such party, it is one among numerous benefit of relationship disagreement.

In Couple’s Communication, the rules say that no one is wrong and no one is right but the parties by necessity must do everything to keep their relationship working. No blame game.

  • Love must be kind and willing to compromise
  • Love must be sincere and ensure security
  • Love must be consistently generous and not abusive
  • Love must not be used to keeping a record of offenses
  • Love must be involving and sacrificial
  • The lover must respect the sanctity of marriage and love vow
  • Love must center on trust and faith in your partner
  • Love must be full of compassion and compromises that promote mutual benefits
  • Love must embrace peace and faith in each other
  • Love must be full of goodness and concern for each other
  • Love must be open and give no room for doubt

It is apparent for you to know that a relationship such as marriage involves a process that makes couples agree to an oath of love for better and for worse. This is pointing to the fact that rough and smooth times are all part of marriage and there are none of the situations that cannot be dealt with; it may demands so much from you and in the end, you will love your spouse the more. In the act of managing rough times if care is not taking you may be pressure to quit while the solution is in staying to address the issues; it is not a period to claim right standing but a moment to see where to adjust and amend for a working relationship.

I strongly recommend for couples to explore tips in this podcast for bonding relationship, never assume rather discuss a way out of conflict for your relationship to be enjoyed; because no marriage that has it all smooth without rough moment but when you consciously put to work tips learned then you will enjoy your relationship.  

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